Bakery Made

Local bakery from Mt Martha selling old fashioned favourites and delectable new creations and treats.

Blue Bay Cheese

Andriy and Taras Kogut are the faces of Blue Bay Cheese. They come from a rich heritage of cheese making in Ukraine. The shimmering blue of Port Phillip Bay was the inspiration for their company, and now they produce cheeses that would make their grandmother proud. 

Broth Sisters

Linda and Jane are flavour fanatics, Jane proposed they use the secret family recipes and create a delicious bone broth packed with love, not only for their families, but for everyone to enjoy. It’s delicious, nutritious, ethically sources and authentic bone broth. Free from chemicals, antibiotics and hormones. We only use organic vegetables, home grown herbs, filtered water and free-range pastured stock bones.

Chiron Organic

Chiron Health Products is an Australian owned family business founded by research scientist Dr. Natalie Alexopoulos. All oils are made from hand harvested ingredients, grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Our products are made in small batches, each herb is picked and the oils made close to the production date.

Coolibah Herbs

Coolibah Herbs is a family owned and operated company from Pearcedale who grow the best quality salad mixes available. They have a small team who attend the market with a variety of seasonal vegetables and salad mixes. Some organic produce is available. This stall is a must-see at the market.

Delgrosso's Apples and Cherries

Delicious apples, pears and cherries from Delgrosso's who have been growing apples at their orchard since the 1940s when Bruno's father Angelo planted the first crop in Red Hill. The fruit is picked on Thursdays and Fridays for weekend markets to ensure the freshest quality fruit for their customers. They do not attend in July.

Fire & Stone

Try some delicious hot baked scones at the market served with lashings of jam and cream. This stall has many varieties including, savoury, chocolate, date and more. A true highlight of the market and great for chilly mornings with a cup of tea.

Flinders Sourdough

We ferment our dough naturally, without bakers yeast, giving you a full flavoured nutritious loaf that is also extremely low in gluten using 100% organic Australian flour. Our base dough for every loaf consists simply organic flour, natural sea salt and water. Everything is baked in the original Flinders’ wood fired Scotch oven.

Gembrook Potatoes

A variety of potatoes harvested from this family property near Gembrook.

Gorgeous George Probiotics

Gorgeous George Probiotics sell all things fermented. His range of kombucha, sauerkraut's, dips and kefir will have those tummy bugs singing your praises. With all products using fresh, local and certified organic ingredients.

Gourmet Pies

Gourmet Pies - award winning pies made right here in Melbourne.

Grandma's Puddings

Grandma's Puddings attend in November and December with their traditional plum puddings that are nearly 70% fruit. Grandma's Traditional Plum Puddings use ingredients from both the Mornington Peninsula and all around Australia. From the flour to the fruit you can be assured of the highest quality products.

Harry Hoo

There's a reason why this is one of the busiest stalls at our market. People come from far and wide for Harry's dim sims. They are homemade with locally sourced vegetables and low fat beef. His spring rolls are pretty good too. Try them for yourself.

Hot Chilli Mama

Hot Chilli Mama, a boutique chilli farm based in the Otway Ranges, Victoria. All of their chillis are grown organically, by them, on our property.  All of the main ingredients are either grown on their property or locally sourced. There's no additives, no preservatives, no colours.  Be assured, you are getting the highest quality products that we can provide.

Leaf Horticultural Services

Home grown, fresh seasonal produce straight from the farm. Making use of every square inch of his 2 acre plot in Boneo, Sam Zinellu produces over 25 different types of fruits and vegetables, many of them heirloom Italian varieties.

Lekker Lekker

Amsterdam Street Food that begs to be eaten. Oliebollen (Dutch doughnuts) and Belgian frites in a cone are favourites among our market shoppers.

Mojo Muesli

Belinda and Dirk's muesli blends speak for themselves. They make jumping out of bed an attractive option in the morning. Their muesli is produced locally with the highest quality ingredients.

Willow Zen - the Art of Farming

Open pasture authentic and pasture-fed free range eggs from the rolling hills of Gippsland. 

Mumma Made

Mumma Made creates delicious jams and relishes on the Mornington Peninsula from home grown and fresh local ingredients.

My Fruit Chai

Our unique, all natural spiced fruit tea is brewed by hand. We like it natural, containing real fruit, whole spices, water and loose leaf green tea. That’s it. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or added sugars. Made from local ingredients and batch made in Melbourne.

Otway Walnuts

Their vision is to grow the highest premium quality fresh walnuts here in Australia, and offer them to customers while they are at their freshest. The majority of walnuts sold in Australia are imported. Although they are considered suitable for sale, they are significantly older than the fresh Australian grown local walnuts. This ageing process often results in an increase in tannins; or the bitter taste that most consumers often associate with walnuts. In contrast, fresh Australian walnuts have a smoother and creamier taste. Come and taste the difference.

Paw Printz

Donna's aim is to keep pets in optimum health using naturally based foods and products. She produces a range of gourmet style, home made dog treats. All naturally healthy and low in fat. No added salt, sugar, colours, preservatives or additives – nothing artificial. Just healthy, natural ingredients.

Primal Alternative

Primal Alternative is a food range offering grain free alternatives to the foods we love. The range includes Winter/Summer bread, fruit toast, pizza bases, chocolate chip cookies, gellies and much more.

Pure Peninsula Honey

Pure Peninsula Honey produce high quality cold extracted honey that is rich in flavour and goodness. They also create honey related products such as lip balms, candles, moisturiser and soap. Bee and Wasp control forms a substantial portion of the business as well, and they also offer 'rent-a-bee' where they transport bees to pollinate fruit, vegetable and seed crops.

Peninsula Wild Flower

A stunning variety of locally sourced wildflowers and natives that are available in bouquets, posies or freshly cut. When in season, roses are available too with perfumes that are reminiscent of grandmas' garden. This is one of our most popular stalls, and it's impossible to leave the market without a bunch.